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Wedding Dance

Our Classes

Private Lessons

Learn what you want at your own pace

Private lessons are teacher and student (or couple) working one on one in the dances of the students’ choice.  Private lessons allow students to learn the subtleties of being a good dancer, including proper lead and follow, technique, and style.  Students who never take private lessons often look as if they just know a bunch of steps, without the grace, poise, and smoothness that makes good dancing so enjoyable.

Group Classes

A good supplement to private instruction

Use group classes to learn a variety of dances and popular dance steps.  You will also get the opportunity to practice your leading and following with other dance partners, creating a fun and social environment.

Practice Parties

Put your new skills to the test

Try out all your new dance skills at our regular practice sessions. We create a fun and relaxed party-like atmosphere for you to practice your ballroom, latin, and swing dancing.

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