Whether you are strictly a social dancer, preparing for an upcoming wedding, or someone who enjoys performing and competing, we have the right program for you. Based on many years of experience, we have found that students learn best when they are on goal oriented, tailored programs that combine private lessons, group classes, and practice sessions.   

Private lessons

Private lessons are teacher and student (or couple) working one on one in the dances of the students’ choice.  Private lessons allow students to learn the subtleties of being a good dancer, including proper lead and follow, technique, and style.  Students who never take private lessons often look as if they just know a bunch of steps, without the grace, poise, and smoothness that makes good dancing so enjoyable.  

Group Classes

Use group classes to learn a variety of dances and popular dance steps.  You will also get the opportunity to practice your leading and following with other dance partners, creating a fun and social environment.  

Practice Sessions

Try out all your new dance skills at our regular practice sessions. We create a fun and relaxed party-like atmosphere for you to practice your ballroom, latin, and swing dancing. 

Wedding Programs

Begin a lifetime of dancing together with a memorable first dance.  Families go at length to create the “perfect” wedding, and yet oftentimes a couple’s first dance is unrehearsed and awkward.  This doesn’t need to be the case!  For many years, we’ve been helping couples achieve their dream dance.  For some, this dream is to just look natural doing a few basic steps.  Others prefer specific choreography to their chosen song.  Private lessons allow us to tailor our instruction to your specific desires.  In addition, it would be unfortunate to spend time taking lessons and only be able to do one dance.  We recommend learning at least the very basics to a few types of dances, so that you can enjoy dancing for the whole wedding reception and beyond.  You’d be surprised how we can get you to learn 2-4 dances in just about the same time as learning just one.

Social Programs

Most students when starting out have the desire to become good social dancers, or at least good enough not to feel awkward on the dance floor.  Creating a good all around social dancer, who feels at ease in any dance situation, is our primary goal.  Some students remain strictly social dancers throughout their lives, while others choose to add performing and competing to their program.  Whether you would like to just dance socially or do something more with your dancing is completely up to you.

Performance/Competitive Programs

Anyone who has the desire to do a dance performance or compete in ballroom dancing is welcome and encouraged to do so.  Students who add showdances and competitions to their program generally progress more rapidly than the strictly social dancer, since these events provide a motivating goal and timeline by which to have the material mastered.  A common misconception is that one needs to have danced for many years before even thinking of competing.   In fact, even beginners can enjoy the fun and excitement of showdances and competitions.  The reason is that every student competes within their own level and age category.