About the Owners

Dawn Killam and Jim Sigona have spent their entire adult lives teaching ballroom dancing as their full time career. Creating competent and confident social dancers is their primary goal. They also enjoy dance competitions, and have won numerous awards competing both with students and professionally.

Why take lessons at American Ballroom NC?

At American Ballroom NC, we can offer you something that most studios can't. Here, your private lessons will not only be one-on-one with an expert instructor, but will also be in your own private ballroom! No getting distracted by other lessons going on around you or having to wait your turn to use the music. We will teach you to dance in a way that meets your own goals, rather than trying to make you conform to a rigid system. We also want you to simply enjoy the process of learning while feeling no sales pressure.  

Jim has over 17 years experience as a full-time Ballroom and Social dance teacher. He has trained adults to become successful social and competitive dancers in both the ballroom and latin styles.  His area of expertise is American Style ballroom dancing.

Dawn has over twenty years of full-time experience working in the ballroom dance field. In addition to being an instructor  during this time, she has also held supervising roles, has owned her own major studio franchise for over seven years, and has judged competitions. Dawn has had great success with coaching students to the top of the competitive world, as well as in inspiring students to become great social dancers. Dawn's area of expertise is, like Jim's, in American Style ballroom dancing.